Chapter three: The Defense Against the Dark Arts Apprentice

The morning after, Severus Snape woke up with a hangover which could have been sent from hell and back, or worse… The Dark Lord himself.

He lied still in bed, on his stomach while his head spun around and made his stomach whine. He could feel the chill air on his bare skin that wasn’t covered by his bedclothes and at the same time felt the heat from beneath the clothing.

The first thing he did was reach over for his wand just to make sure that is was still there, under the pillow, which it was. Then he could relax a bit. He glared over to where his table clock stood and checked the time. Half past eight in the morning.

”Oh for Merlin…. can’t anyone just kill me…” He muttered with a soar throat and hid his head under the pillow. The very thought of teaching all of those wandering baboons being the students always made him feel like this. But on the other hand, that was much more inviting to think of then the Dark Lord and what other things that came with it.

He then after some minutes of groaning and complaining in silence for himself, heaved himself up from the comfort of the bed and walked towards the small bathroom that his quarters had.

As he was getting himself ready for the breakfast, that he was late for, he watch the tired and outworn man in front of him. A sigh escaped him as he turned away from the mirror and stepped into the running water of his shower. The ice cold water chilled his still to warm body, awakening him from the sleepy state he was in and making him alert for anything to come. He shivered slightly from the coldness of the water as he closed his eyes and memories flashed before his eyelids. Everything he had been through. All the pain he had sufferd through.

Suddenly he hit his hand against the hard, cold and wet wall.

This is ridiculous… There is no point in thinking back or remembering the past. What has been has been. And that’s that. He thought and continued focusing on the shower and washed his hair and body before he went out of the shower to shave his cheek and brush his teeth.

Snape looked in the mirror once again and saw nothing but disgust to him and looked away from his reflection and dried his face instead.

”Time for another day in life then.” He said out loud to himself and left the bathroom.

As the day went on, Snape could have agreed that his day wasn’t that bad, if he had been that type of person who could have some good days in his life. But that wasn’t what Snape felt within his daily life. Not at all. Good days was just a fairytale for him.

His students hadn’t been all wandering baboons this day, even though almost none had done as they were expected to. But Snape wasn’t the one to complain, he had finally manage to achieve the teacher post of the Defense Against the Dark Arts class after many years of trying.

Better the students in this subject than in potions… dunderheads… He thought to himself sometime during one of his classes as he sat by his desk and wrote some notes.

The day went on, lunch came and then the lessons continued through the whole day. After his last lesson, Snape decided to take a walk around the school and perhaps get a chance to enjoy the nice weather that had occupied the day. He himself hadn’t had much time during the day to go out and enjoy it because of a bunch of paperwork.

At the dinner everything was as normal, everyone sat with their friends or classmates, chatting happily and just enjoying themselves.

As Snape ate in silence,listening to his colleges, he suddenly heard some of them talk about one particular female student.

”Have you heard?” Madam Pomfrey said to some of the other teachers.”Ms Braonáín is starting her apprenticeship.”

”Ms Braonáín? You mean…”

Madam Pomfrey nodded with a stern but concerned face.

”The very one whoms father killed his own wife because you-know-who ordered a massacre on halfbloods and muggleborns among his own followers, and thought almost everyone had a non pureblood partner and children.”

”But I thought that the mother was a pureblood, just as Ó Braonáín!?” Said the Muggle Studies professor, Charity Burbage, with surprise.

Those who sat and talked with Madam Pomfrey drew their breath and went silent for a moment.

”Well, I don’t really know the details about that but it is true sadness to see that the girl have to live with this horrible things behind her. Poor girl, she wasn’t even capable of defending herself… ”

”And as if that wasn’t all!” One of the others said, interrupting Madam Pomfrey.”Haven’t you heard of what happened to her after that her father got out of Azkaban the first time?”

The small little group stopped as they noticed Snape listening to them very closely.

Madam Pomfrey and the others turned towards him and gave him a glare.

”Enjoying your meal, Severus?” Said professor Burbage.

He sat up in his chair and gave madam Pomfrey a glare of lost respect.

”Not that you care, Burbage. I just think it is sad that you are capable of talking like this about one of our students… You are just like a group of small girls that have nothing to do more than spreading mean rumors and talking behind someones back. Grown up people, that’s sad to watch.” He said and gave madam Pomfrey another glare to show her without direct words that he meant her before he went back to his meal.

The other teachers just looked at him and wondered what had just happened. Had Snape cared for a student?!

They would not dare to ask, but instead gave him a insecure glare and went back to their own meals, chatting about nothing special and minding their own business.

After a while, Snape could see in the corner of his eye as he stared up in the ceiling how ms Braonáín came walking in the great hall.

Snape sighed and made a very small groan.

Why did I have to do this? He thought to himself as he watched her take a seat by the Slytherin tables outer part near the head table.

She sat for herself and didn’t talk to anyone. She just sat there for herself, enjoying her book that she was reading.

Why do I need to teach her of all in this bloody school? He thought once more for himself as he studied her and thought back to what his colleges had said about her. Their glares had said everything to him. Why had he stood up for a student? Why her?

When the dinner was ending Snape got up from his seat, walked down towards where ms Braonáín sat.

”I hope you are ready for tonights first lesson, ms Braonáín.” He said calm and glared down at her from where he stood with his hands behind his back.

She looked up with visible red and swollen eyes. Had she been crying?! He could see that she had tried to hid it. But alas, she had failed.

She looked away as she noticed and looked down in her books, answering him with just a nod.

He looked around himself for a brief moment as he himself nodded and left the great hall.

As he had finished making his new classroom ready for the evenings class with ms Braonáín he sat down by his desk and waited.

He leaned back against the hard back of his chair and for once he let his thought wander without a second thought about if someone would try to invade his mind.

He thought back to yesterday’s meeting with the Dark Lord and the other death eaters.

And thinking of the meeting left him with the fast revelation of the upcoming war that he’d heard so much about. What would he have to do? Of course he would need to fight, but for whom would he need to fight, in the end?

The meeting had on the other hand been a close call for him would it not’ve been for his clever mind and made an excuse for arriving late to the meeting. Of course Bellatrix had argued against but he had made clear that the only reason for being late was to ensure that Dumbledore still trusted him, which the Dark Lord had agreed on and accepted his explanation.

The meeting had gone for what seemed like forever and he had arrived at the school around four in the morning.

The exhaustion he had felt was nearly impossible to handle. But he had eventually fallen asleep after some glasses of firewhiskey.

Eventually he heard a knock on the door and he snapped back to the present time.

”Yes.” Was his only respond as the door opened and ms Braonáín stepped inside.

”I’m here for my lesson, sir.” She announced and Snape nodded.

”So it seems, ms Braonáín.” He replied calmly.

She walked and took a seat in the single chair standing in the middle of the room as he nodded to her as telling her to sit. He only looked at her in silence.

”Sir, I just wanna thank you…”

”You don’t need to thank me, ms Braonáín.” He said, cutting her words off before she could end her sentence.”I didn’t agree to this by my own free will. The headmaster insisted in me taking you on as my apprentice. I disagreed and said that you would be better of not knowing more than what the school has to teach you. You will live much longer without interfering with dark magic in one way or another.”

They both stayed quiet as he finished his words.

”But as it’s the Headmasters words that is kind of the law in this school, I will teach you what I can.” He continued.

She only sat still as if she was a shamed to be there.

”I am sorry, sir…” She said with barely a whisper. Snape ignored her apologize and turned to the moving blackboard that he had placed near the single chair and picked up the chalk pen.

”So ms Braonáín, normally as you should know by now I would suppose you are stupid and go through everything about Defense Against Dark Arts from the very first beginning, but in your case right now I know that you’re not stupid. In fact, you are one of my very few best student. So I am gonna ask you straight in the eyes. What do you want me to teach you first?”

”The three unforgivable,sir…” She answered.

”The bloody hell, that I will teach you such things…” He answered her immediately.”Do you even realize what those three things does to you in time?!”

As he was lecturing her on all bad stuff about the unforgivable Elizabeth felt her anger boiling up inside of her.

”… Besides, to even be able to canalize the spells one must have been exposed to them first…”

”I’ve already been exposed to them!” She cut him off as her anger explode. All that Snape could do was stare at her. What did she just say?

”I beg you pardon, ms Braonáín?”

She sighed and looked at him.

”My father tortured me when I was eight…” she told him with an unsure voice. He could almost see how this young bright woman turned into a small scared and crying girl. Snape felt a bit uncomfortable about the situation he now found himself with… a crying teenage girl. And as he had forseen his student started to cry, rather heavily. Snape just stood there, looking a bit confused, as Elizabeth was crying. What was he supposed to do? Tell her to snap out of it? Or try to say something comforting? But what? As all these thoughts rambled in his mind he did the only thing he thought was the best. He stood by her side and laid a comforting hand on her left shoulder and just stood there as she cried.

As he stood there, by her side, he caught himself thinking about if he’d ever been in any other situation that’d been worse than this but for the moment being he didn’t find one single memory.

”Thank you, sir…” He heard her after awhile, understanding that he’d not notice that she had stopped crying. He looked down at her as she was drying her tear filled cheeks and nodded.

”Shall we start the lesson?” He asked plain and returned to the blackboard and started writing while he talked.


Several hours later Snape returned to his own quarters inside the schools castle walls. He walked straight into his bedroom and just crashed down onto his bed.He sighed and closed his eyes as he thought back to the lesson that he’d just left.

The lesson had gone quiet good and really smooth, but he had worked hard not to ask her to much about what had happened when she was just a child.

Poor child, must have been through so much bad things in life. As soon as the thought left his mind, he sat up in the bed faster than the golden snitch in its glory on the quidditch field. He looked around in the bedroom, expecting to find someone there who’d be responsible for the passing thought, but none where to be found in the bedroom. His anger started to boil up inside of him.

What in the bloody hell was that for some thought?! He thought to himself and laid down back on the bed with a pillow over his face just to shut out all the thoughts about feeling sorry for the girl.

”So she’d gone through some really bad and horrible things in life, so what?! Who has not?” He said rather grumpy out loud.

After some time of sulking he fell asleep, entering one of his ever returning nightmares from old times.


A girl was dragged into a big room with a nice carved fireplace and a bunch of heavy looking,wooden chairs. Someone pushed her onto one of them.

It was the first time that the young girl allowed herself to look up at her kidnappers. Of course they still were all wearing their mask, that hid their faces. However she could make out some of them. Their definitely was Bellatrix, just entering the room. She was wearing a long black gown and black leather boots and her wand pointed it the girl’s direction.

Bellatrix was the first to take of her death eater mask, a wide and dangerous smile on her once beautiful face.

The girl also recognized Macnair the executioner for the Committee for the Disposal of Dangerous Creatures, he was standing next to her on the left side of her chair.

Right behind Bellatrix was a long and slender man who stayed in the dark corner of the room, not revealing his identity by keeping his mask where it was. Many of the others just had started to take off their masks, following Bellatrix example. The girl was certain, that this man in the dark corner was Snape. Anyway, she was as certain that she could not hope for any help from his side in this situation. That is not in any case, as long as so many other death eaters would be present. And even otherwise she wasn’t that sure, if he would risk his head for her anytime else.

The last one to enter the room was a large, thin figure. A person who looked pretty young compared to the others. Though that was hard to tell, cause he was clothed in a dark wide cloak and the mask was still on his face.

She was wondering if this was Draco Malfoy and she found herself ponder about the question, had Malfoy something to do with all of this?

She thought about that letter that had arrived a few weeks ago, inviting her to spend the Christmas Holiday at the Malfoy Mansion. She had thought about it for almost a week, until she decided, that she would spend the holiday with the Malfoy family. How could she’ve been so stupid not to realize that something wasn’t right.

”Now, now, who do we have here,” Bellatrix purred still with this dangerous smile on her face. Causing the girl to stop her ongoing chain of thoughts.

The girl found herself breathing heavily, she could feel the fear rising up inside of her, but she pushed it right down again. Why was she even there? What would they do to her? Would they torture her? Why would they even do so?

”That is the daughter, of…” someone dumbly answered Bellatrix question, the name not hearable, that had obviously been rhetorical. Of course she did know who she was.

”Thanks for putting this out, Wormtail. Whitout your help we wouldn’t have noticed,” another big man snorted back. That was Dolohov, who just happened to be the one who had dragged her into this very room and who had hardly pushed her onto the chair.

There was some laughter following his statement. Wormtails head sung heavily on his shoulder and with some red spots of embarrassment on his cheeks he strode back into the little crowd of people who had half circled around the chair on which she sat. The girl counted them all to the amount of six people, maybe more, maybe even ten of them. But that didn’t matter at that moment.

The girl continued to breath heavily to control herself from either saying something, doing something or even anything that would give her a hell. Even if she thought she’d get hell anyways. Bellatrix was eying her hungrily.

”We should wear her a bit down before taking her any further; she look like a tuff one, doesn’t she.” There was a flash in Bellatrixs dark eyes that showed of her excitement. The girl didn’t really wanna know what her opinion of wearing someone down’ would be like.

”Yeah why not make sure that the Dark Lord hasn’t made a wrong choice,” Dolohov said, ”Hasn’t made a sound since we captured her.”

”Why do the Dark Lord even need her for?” Wormtail now jumped into their small conversation.

”Silence, Wormtail,” Bellatrix shouted at the fat man who retreated into the mass of people like the little rat he was.”I would like to do it…”Bellatrix started, and interrupted her own thoughts by looking over at the tall figure from the door.”Why don’t you do it?”

The tall figure had taken some steps closer while she spoke. Now the girl was a hundred precent sure, that tall figure was Draco Malfoy. A cold shiver went down her back while she thought about what she had meant with her decision.

He took of his mask and let it fall to the stone like floor while he was closing in.

”I’ll gladly do it aunt Bella,” Malfoy said eagerly.

Bellatrix was now eying him with this hungry eyes. Her smile turned even wider when she announced:”Yes Draco, you may test this little bird, before we take her in for the ceremony.” She turned to the girl, pulled her out of the chair by grabbing her long hands into her dark ashy mahogany hair and wrench her toward Malfoy.”Or has anyone another opinion on this?,” she asked sweetly, not really allowing anyone to contradict her.

Some of the others like Macnair looked a bit disappointed when Malfoy caught hold of the girl and started to drag her out of the room and towards an elegant stone step upwards.

They probably would have preferred watching Bellatrix taking care of the girl, who most likely could have been a bit more creative on this task, due to the fact that she had way more experience on this task comparing to the young Malfoy.

”Let her go, Malfoy,” A dark, and velvet smooth and oh so recognizable voice said in the last second. Everyone looked back at the dark corner where indeed Snape stood, now with his mask taken off and fully visible to all of them. ”I’ll do it.”

Bellatrix snorted at him but after a moment of silence she gestured to Malfoy to bring the girl to Snape.” Fine, but don’t be to gentle with her Snape.”

He took her by a even harder grip and once again the girl was dragged out of the room and towards that steps upwards.

”Don’t take her to long Snape,a quick in n’ out and a few beats and scratches will do for now,”Dolohov called after Snape and laughed hard.

”I don’t know about that Dolohov,” he called back, ”I have lured long enough to lay my hands on a fellow eaters own child.” He laugh dryly, and the others joined in.

Snape was now pushing her up the stairs, not as rough as Dolohov had, but still with a certainty, that there would be no escaping him. He dragged her down a long corridor to its very end. There he pushed open the door wrenching her into the room and onto the large canopy bed. Because he held her hands to her back, she wasn’t able to capture her fall and crushed with her head first onto the bed. Even though the bed linings had been soft, she bumped her head quit heavily and shrieked softly for the first time since she had been captured. In her beating head there was one phrase from Dolohov circling wildly: A quick in n’ out… will do for now.

What the heck was the meaning of this… and when she realized what it meant she suddenly felt a sickness overcoming her. He wouldn’t, would he?

”You really have to do better than this…,” Snape said to her, and once again the name he said not quiet hearable. He had thrown himself on top of her and was using his whole weight to keep her down.

”Scream for me,” he purred. The girl gave a groan. ”Scream,” he insisted yelling into her left ear. When she didn’t respond he brutally grabbed her hair and was pulling her head back. The girl gave a loud groan of pain, tears filed her eyes. ”Louder”, he yelled impatiently.

He pulled her a bit more backwards and then pushed her head hardly onto the bed again.

A loud ”Auooooh”, escaped the girls mouth. She could feel her head pounding harder than before. She also felt, that her thoughts were starting to cloud, and she was sure that she was starting to lose conciseness.

”That was better,” he commended, grabbing her hair again and pulling her up, this time a bit softer. He looked down at her and started to shake her hardly.

”… Don’t you dare and faint right now”. He was lifting herself up and positioning himself next to her, the name he was saying still couldn’t reach her ears as everything went black and she thought for herself that she now had lost her fight against this person she thought to know.

Suddenly she woke up, gasping for air, dressed in stinky warm sweat. It was only a dream. It was not real… Breath.

Elizabeth got up from her bed, wrapped herself in her morning gown and walked over to her bathroom. In her tired state of mind, she thought about how nice it was to have her own bathroom now that she lived in her own room. She looked at herself in the mirror as she lit the lights and stood in front of the mirror.

”I look like I’ve died”, she said and washed her face. When she was done, and back in her bed she looked at her table clock and saw that it was in the middle of the night. A groan escaped her and she fell down on the bed heavily. I really should get back to sleep.

She shifted to her side and pulled her cover up to her cheeks. Eventually she fell asleep again.


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